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What is Osteosheath?
Osteosheath is a unique over the counter calcium supplement that consists of several ingredients that all help with the bone building process . Osteosheath has three select sources of calcium: Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Concentrate(MCHC), Calcium Amino Acid Chelate, and Calcium Citrate. MCHC is a whole bone matrix which goes directly to the bone, providing a greater chance of calcium utilization. MCHC is the only form of calcium the FDA allows to claim that it increases bone mass over time.

The absorption factor
Calcium is essential in the building of strong muscles, teeth, and bones. For a calcium supplement to be effective, it must be absorbed by the body and utilized. However, not all calcium supplements absorb the same in the body. Oyster shell calcium, which is a type of calcium carbonate, is low in price and has the highest percent of calcium per tablet. But oyster shell calcium has the lowest absorption rate at 10-20%, which means that in a 600mg tablet only 60-120mg are being absorbed in the blood. Plus oyster shell calcium is not very soluble on an empty stomach, so you must take it with food. Essentially, the more stomach acid that is in the stomach the better absorption rate you will get out of your calcium supplement. All the calcium components in Osteosheath are highly absorbable at 90-95%. You can take it on an empty stomach, but it is best if taken with food to acheive maximum absorption. It is recommended that you take one tablet with each meal throughout the day to get the best results.

Please note that calcium supplementation is in no way a substitution for the stronger more aggressive prescription drugs out on the market today that are used to treat osteoporosis.

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