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Impotence is often the first symptom of a significant medical disorder and should not be treated until the cause has been determined by a doctor, preferably a urologist, so we would encourage you to talk to your doctor. All of the medications and most of the devices require a prescription but several of the manufacturers now have non-prescription versions of the vacuum devices.

Our trained staff is available to discuss with you the various options available, whether it be the vacuum constriction device (VCD) also known as vacuum erection device (VED), testosterone replacement, Viagra (an oral tablet), Muse (a urethral insert), Caverject (a penile injection), or compounded prescriptions such as alprostadil or the triple mix of alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine.

Once you have your doctor's prescription, contact us to schedule an appointment in a private consultation room in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer all major brands, carry complete lines and provide step-by-step instructions, informative video tapes, and one-on-one question and answer sessions with knowledgeable staff. If you reside outside of the greater Kansas City area the sessions can be handled by telephone. See special instructions for the telephone service at the bottom of this document.

VCD/VED: Prescription vs. Non-Prescription

VCD/VED's are available in both prescription and non-prescription (OTC) versions and are both used to treat erectile dysfunction (male impotence). Both types are very effective but prices do vary considerably between the two versions for the following reasons:
Prescription Non-Prescription (OTC)
  • Little better quality
  • Most have a life time manufacturers warranty
  • All come with a training video
  • Help in product selection and demonstration at no additional fee
  • Training session at no additional fee
  • Shipping in the continental US by UPS ground at no additional cost
  • In most instances, if Medicare or your insurance company allows, we accept assigment*.
  • Little less quality
  • Usually 0nly one year manufacturers warranty
  • Only several have a training video
  • Help in product selection and demonstration at an additional fee
  • Training session at an additional fee
  • Shipping & handling costs are additional
  • With a doctor's prescription we will bill Medicare or your insurance unassigned*.
*Assignment means we submit your claim to the third party and they pay us directly. Unassigned means we submit your claim to the third party, you pay us at time of service, and the third party will reimburse you, full or partial, if they deem approriate.

Medicare and other Insurance

MEDICARE and MEDICAID DO NOT COVER VCD/VED. Some private insurance companies do cover all or a portion of the cost, less any copays and/or deductibles with a doctor's prescription, with the appropriate diagnosis. Our insurance office will assist you in this process and in some instances we accept assigment.

Additional Training, Scheduling Appointments, etc.

If you have already purchased a VCD/VED from someone else and require instruction or need questions answered we provide this service for a reasonable fee. If you would like additional information about these products or our services, or want to schedule an appointment please fax or call one of the numbers below or contact us by e-mail.

Manufacturers Products we have available:

Products Available

The following is a list of prescription and nonprescription VED (vacuum erection devices) available.  For product selection and training information please contact Dennis Hendershot, R.Ph. at 800-279-3026 or 913-362-0313.  If you need a prescription VED you must have your physician fax a prescription to 913-722-1600 and include the physicians name and telephone number in the field provided below.  To order a product, fill out this form and submit or print the form and fax it to 913-722-1600.
Are you 18 or older?
Augusta Medical Response II
(Manual 1 hand pump)
Yes $380.00
Augusta Medical Touch II
(Battery pump)
Yes $570.49
Augusta Medical Elite
(Manual 1 hand pump)
Yes $345.00
Pos-T-Vac MVP-700
(Manual pump)
Yes $350.00
Pos-T-Vac IVP-600
(Manual pump)
No $179.75
Pos-T-Vac AVP-1000
(Battery pump)
No $240.32
Osbon Classic
(Manual 2 hand pump)
No $177.34
Osbon Esteem Manual
(Manual 1 hand pump)
Yes $490.49
Osbon Esteem Battery
(Battery pump)
Yes $570.49
Firma VED Classic
(Manual 2 hand pump)
No $180.65
Firma VED Ultra
(Battery pump)
No $201.62
Encore VTU-1
(Manual pump)
No $174.19
American MedTech Rejoyn
(Manual pump)
No $179.75
Vet-Co Assist
(Manual 2 hand pump)
No $172.50


Pos-T-Vac Ultimate Yes $20.00    
    Size 0
    Size 1
    Size 2
    Size 3
Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Yes $15.00    
    Size I
    Size II
    Size III
    Size IV
Augusta Medical SureEase Yes $20.00    
    Size 1
    Size 2
    Size 3
    Size 4
Augusta Medical SureRelease Yes $1.69    

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FAX COPY OF THIS SHEET TO 913-722-1600 or EMAIL or CALL 913-363-0313

Training is available per telephone and is recommended. Upon receipt of VED call 800-279-3026 to arrange a time for the training. Training takes approx. 30 minutes.

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