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*Want to briefly discuss concept of pharmaceutical care and its growing importance, and the growing interest in comprehensive ambulatory care...In 1998 Georgetown Pharmacy/Georgetown Health Care Center in cooperation with the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, established itself as a Community Pharmacy Practice Residency site.

Goals of the Program

The Community Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is designed to provide a structured, post-graduate education and training experience for those pharmacists who want to become leaders in pharmaceutical care.

Such a program is designed with the intent to:

About Georgetown Pharmacy/Georgetown Health Care Center

To learn more about the history of Georgetown Pharmacy / Georgetown Health Care Center, refer to the History link on the Menu.

The store slogan is "One Call Does It All." This is evident by both the quality and content of the services provided by both the Health Care Center and the Pharmacy. Such services provided include:

The Pharmacy offers an extensive list of pharmaceutical care programs: A full line of pharmaceutical products are provided including compounded prescriptions, parenteral, oral and topical.
To be added at a later date-*Explanation of implementation of sterile products lab.
To be added at a later date-*List of some products compounded.

Pharmacy services as a site for pharmacy students on rotation. Gives the resident the opportunity to work with and teach students on rotation and serve as a role model/preceptor.

About the University of Kansas

Program Description

Administrative Personnel

Resident Qualifications

Learning Objectives

Employment/Benefit Information

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